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Dual Slip 'n Splash

Capacity: 2 people

Weight limit per person: 165 lbs

Weight limit per ride: 330 lbs max.

Flush Tank

A Flush tank is similar to a dunk tank. The participant sits on a chair and the water is pumped up through the commode and falls down over the person. This is much safer than falling in the tank and banging their heads or swallowing dirty water.

Funnel Tunnel Splash

Enjoy the ride as you slip through the rainbow into the cool water below. 

Jungle Jump 'n Splash

No other unit of its kind. This ride has a non-slick surface inside the moonwalk, keeping the kids safer.

Monster Wave

2 people can slip and slide their way down this double lane water slide to the cool pool below. 

Power Paddler Lagoon


These boats are great for small kids age 8 and under. They paddle around a 20'l x 20'w shallow pool. A cool, fun way to spend your day.

Roaring River Run 'n Slpash

Climb alongside the rushing river and take a thrilling ride with a final splash into the peaceful blue hole below.

Safari Splash Adventure Bus

Our Safari Adventure Tours "Jungle Bus" is a showpiece that will satisfy all of the youngsters. This unit features a bouncer, climbing wall, and slide built into one incredibly artistic inflatable. 

Shoot the Shoots

This water slide continues the fun across the slip'n slide.

Slip 'n Slide

Take a running start and slide through the mist from one end to the other. Loads of fun for any picnic or party. Great for all ages - even the adults.

Super Splash Down

Slide down this slippery slope into the cool pool waiting below.

Tropical Dual Slip 'n Slide

This bit of pardise is twice the fun of the other slip'n slide. Enjoy racing to the end.