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Items starting with P

Patio Heater

An outdoor heater which radiates 8' of endless summer. Safety switch shuts off unit if tilted. 

Ping Pong Pond

Try to pitch a ping pong ball into a floating tulip. 

Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong is table tennis and is played with either two or four players. A small ball is hit back and forth between opponents with rackets (paddles.) The ball may only bounce once on the opponents side and if the ball doesn't land on their side, it is considered a "dead ball." 

Police Car

The cutest police car in town.

Popcorn Machine

Perfect for any carnival, movie night or celebration. 

Power Paddler Lagoon


These boats are great for small kids age 8 and under. They paddle around a 20'l x 20'w shallow pool. A cool, fun way to spend your day.

Professional Bubble Machine

Want lots and lots of bubbles without losing your breath? This professional, programmable bubble machine will do just that, so your lungs can relax too.

Professional Fog Machine

Create cool fog effects the kids can't stand to be away from.

Punch Bowl

For cocktail receptions prior to formal luncheons, dinners, or parties afterwards, Punch Bowls are attractive, durable and versatile. Suitable for hot or cold beverages, alcoholic concoctions, as well as soft drinks and fruit juices. 

Putting Challenge

3x10 putting green with 4 holes to test your skill.

Putting Challenge with Return

One hole putting challenge with trap.