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Items starting with H

Heated Liquid Dispenser

This dispenser is great not only for a deliciously smooth, european chocolate drink, but for sauces such as alfredo. 


Toss the hula hoop entirely around the box. Increase difficulty by moving the peg from the front to the side to the rear. 


Ride this noble steed. 


Test your aim with the classic fun horesehoe toss.

Hot Dog Cooker

Want hot dogs but don't feel like turning on the grill? Cook hot dogs to sizzling perfection with this counter friendly cooker.

Hot Dog Steamer

One side steams the hot dogs and the other steams the buns. 

Human Foosball

A large 20' x 50' inflatable arena where 10 contestants on 2 teams play foosball / soccer. They can move sideways but cannot move forward or backward because they are tethered in place. 

A great team-building activity.