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Face Paints & Make-Up

We carry, FDA approved, Snazaroo face paints. We also carry or can special order theatrical and special effect make-up from Graftobian, Ben Nye, Kryolan and Mehron.

Floating Ball Gallery

Players attempt to knock floating beach balls off their pocket of air. Fun for all ages. 

Flush Tank

A Flush tank is similar to a dunk tank. The participant sits on a chair and the water is pumped up through the commode and falls down over the person. This is much safer than falling in the tank and banging their heads or swallowing dirty water.

Foosball Table

Table top Foosball, which is soccer in the US. Usually played one on one. The game is played to a predetermined goal, normally 5, and a 2 goal victory is usually required. 

Football Banner

Support your favorite team or player with this cool action-packed banner.

Frozen Drink Machine

This two pot machine can produce 80 frozen drinks at a time. We offer, pina colada, margarita, strawberry daiquiri, orange cream and a sport drink mix. 

Funnel Tunnel Slide

Enjoy the ride as you slip through the rainbow. A fun slide which will keep the line moving. 

Funnel Tunnel Splash

Enjoy the ride as you slip through the rainbow into the cool water below.