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Candy Banner

The perfect way for adding fun to any celebration.


Take a trip to the fair. A 20' diameter moonwalk which can be outfitted with music. A real hit for any party. 


Pure royalty will love this magnificent castle.


Keep your food at the perfect temperature with some style.

Cheese Warmer

Container to warm & dispense cheese to a melted perfection. Caramel can also be used if it is thinned down with milk. 

Chocolate Fountain 44

Ever wanted to know what Heaven is like? Here's a taste of it; 44" of flowing tantalizing chocolate. Sure to WOW any guest or customer. The white, milk or dark chocolate is great with fruits, pound cake, pretzels, cookies, etc. 

Chuggy Choo Choo

Take a memorable trip on this train. Spanning 59'l x 10'w x 11'h, there are seats, popups and a slide within for the best train ride ever. 

Cold Beverage Dispenser

Running around the soccer field or sitting on the patio, this cold beverage dispenser keeps everyone happy.

Commercial Coffeemaker

Every coffee lover's best friend.

Confetti Shooter

High shooting, long lasting, fun full effects created with FDA approved, bio degradable, fire proof confetti and streamers shot from a safe gun. No worries here.

Cork Gun Gallery

Test your targeting skills with this cork gun. Fun for all ages. 

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