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Special Effects

Confetti Shooter

High shooting, long lasting, fun full effects created with FDA approved, bio degradable, fire proof confetti and streamers shot from a safe gun. No worries here.

Professional Bubble Machine

Want lots and lots of bubbles without losing your breath? This professional, programmable bubble machine will do just that, so your lungs can relax too.

Professional Fog Machine

Create cool fog effects the kids can't stand to be away from.

Snow Machine

Designed for the ultimate decorator. This five foot inflatable hides the snow machine inside the bag the snowman is holding. The now machine can be used without the snowman. Very portable. The snow machines can produce snow up to 20 feet and can cover a large area. This is the ultimate yard snow machine. It can also be used on a float or in a stage production. Uses snow concentrate and can produce snow up to 4 hours on one gallon. Not designed for professional use. Included with the unit are stakes to hold the snowman in the ground and a blower motor for inflation. Each bottle of concentrate mixes with one gallon of water. 

T-Shirt Cannon

Larger than the Confetti Shooter so it can hold a t-shirt, 3x the confetti or 2x the streamers. In other words, more fun than ever.