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Catering & Concessions


Apple Hacker

An easy way to chop and core apples to serve with caramel or chocolate a cup or bowl. 


Keep your food at the perfect temperature with some style.

Cheese Warmer

Container to warm & dispense cheese to a melted perfection. Caramel can also be used if it is thinned down with milk. 

Chocolate Fountain 44

Ever wanted to know what Heaven is like? Here's a taste of it; 44" of flowing tantalizing chocolate. Sure to WOW any guest or customer. The white, milk or dark chocolate is great with fruits, pound cake, pretzels, cookies, etc. 

Cold Beverage Dispenser

Running around the soccer field or sitting on the patio, this cold beverage dispenser keeps everyone happy.

Cotton Candy Floss

Flavored sugar perfect for any sweet lover.

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Spin sugar to tempt people of all ages

Electric Fryer

Enjoy the warm crackle of oil as you cook French Fries or Funnel Cakes in this Fryer. A tasty treat for all. 

Frozen Drink Machine

This two pot machine can produce 80 frozen drinks at a time. We offer, pina colada, margarita, strawberry daiquiri, orange cream and a sport drink mix. 

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