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Dart Balloon Board

How good is your aim. Pop a balloon with the dart. 

Disney Playland

Enter the Disney world of fun. This playland includes a basketball hoop, a log obstacle, a jump area, pop-up obstacles, then climb up the ramp and ride out on the slide. 


Dodge It

How is your aim? Two to four people enter from each side and try to knock each other out. Use basic dodgeball rules. 

Double Slide

This 22' tall slide splits up the center to form two slides. This slide is even great for adults. 

Driving Range

A game requiring hand and eye coordination. Balance a ball on an inclined board with obstacles along the route and guide the ball through the target at the end. 

Drop a Spot

Like the carnival game, the object is to drop the disks and completely cover the spot. This game is challenging and a real money maker. 

Dual Slip 'n Splash

Capacity: 2 people

Weight limit per person: 165 lbs

Weight limit per ride: 330 lbs max.

Dual Spin Art

Dual motorized boxes to create beautiful artwork. Comes with supplies for 100 players 

Duck Pond

Pick a numbered duck swimming around the pond.